Temporary Exhibition and display

Designing temporary exhibitions and multi use spaces requires a different approach to the design of permanent exhibitions. We have undertaken the design of infrastructure and temporary exhibition design for many galleries and are currently working on the Armani 2007 exhibition following successful input into the 2004 tour.

Detailed design and integration

Integrating services into a building to achieve maximum space and optimum engineering performance needs detailed work from the outset. PDA provide a detailed co-ordination services enabling the engineering plant to be integrated into complex steelwork and fabric.

Assessment of the access and maintenance requirements is done early to minimise the need for access panels and maintenance work inside gallery spaces.

Working with existing fabric

Working in existing buildings demands a different approach to new build projects. Evaluating existing fabric and services requires thorough analysis and detailed inspections to confirm that the building will function as expected.

Experience is key to developing the right solution; PDA obtains much of their work because of their ability to work with existing services and extend their life.

Thermal and airflow modelling

Display and conservation spaces vary in shape size and degree of control We assess each space individually and identify the key parameters. The services solution is then undertaken to achieve the required parameters. Not all the spaces require the same level of control and over specification is common in museum and gallery projects – leading to cost overrun. Our approach is to identify the correct level of control for each space and design accordingly.

Plant design

Much of the work we do is contained within plant areas and back of house spaces. Although unseen the design of this equipment is undertaken with the same care and attention as the front of house spaces. Robust and reliable infrastructure is essential to the operation of a successful building and t he engineering services design is central to achieving robust and reliable services. Cause and effect modelling and risk management regimes are assessed early to ensure that the correct plant solution is provided.

Lighting design

PDA provide specialist lighting design and also provide engineering support to lighting and display designers. Turning the lighting concept into a physical scheme that someone can build requires experience and attentions to detail.

We have worked with designers from America and Scandinavia and are currently working with LDI, Equation and McCabe Design.